Navigate topics using hyperlinks

Inside each topic you will find different ways of navigating, as well as viewing text.


Text that is blue and underlined, or green and italicised, is a hyperlink that:


Note: Once a hyperlink (that is blue) has been clicked, it will appear as "purple" text.


Hyperlinks that jump to new topics

Text that is blue and underlined will open a topic in a new window.



IMPORTANT: Click the <BACK> button on the Browser window to return to the previous topic.


Hyperlinks that display drop-down help topics

Text that is green and italicised will display a drop-down window over the main window.

To remove this drop-down window, simply click the 'green and italicised' text again.



Hyperlinks that display pop-up help topics

Clicking this type of hyperlink will display a pop-up help window. To remove this window from the screen, simply click anywhere else on the screen and the pop-up window will close.


Hyperlinks that jump to topics in the same help window

In certain instances, clicking on a hyperlink will jump to a heading in the same Help Window.